March Madness Brackets Betting Tips at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets are the most popular part of the college basketball betting season.

The college basketball season can really be broken down into three main parts, the early season non-conference games, the conference schedule, and March Madness betting.  Each one of these parts should be handicapped differently and today we’ll look at the March Madness brackets.

March Madness brackets for some people is all about playing the office pools while others take it more seriously.  When looking at the March Madness brackets we first have to realize that the marquee teams are going to be heavily favored and heavily followed in March Madness betting. If you want to bet on teams like UCLA, Kansas, North Carolina and Duke, you had better be prepared to lay the wood.  That doesn’t mean they won’t cover the March Madness betting spread, it just means you usually have to lay more points than you should.

As you look at March Madness brackets you should be aware of the different philosophies of teams, and coaches.  Some teams will want to run and gun while others will slow the game down.  You should also consider the conferences as you look at March Madness brackets.  Some conferences just don’t do well in the tournament while others thrive.  What you can do when looking at March Madness brackets is look at the conferences that did well on Thursday as you prepare to bet Friday’s games.  For example, if the SEC went 3-0 on Thursday, they could be an excellent bet in Friday’s games against the March Madness betting lines.

As you look further into March Madness brackets there will be other factors to consider.  In the first and second rounds underdogs do better in March Madness brackets than in later rounds.  The cream rises to the top as the March Madness brackets narrow down, so be careful about taking underdogs in the later rounds.  As March Madness brackets come to a conclusion with the Final Four, the favorites definitely hold their own.  Usually the better teams in the Final Four win.  Sometimes determining which team is actually better is the question, but rarely is anything simple in sports betting.  Keep that in mind as you look at the Final Four and especially in the championship game.

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