March Madness Betting Weekend at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting, which is headlined by the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is very popular at online sports betting websites and casino sportsbooks.

Many sportsbooks say that the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament has become one of their most popular weekends of the year as gamblers consider March Madness brackets. How do you go about handicapping the March Madness brackets?

March Madness betting is full of challenges when it comes to looking at the March Madness brackets.  Teams from smaller conferences sometimes get bypassed and yet can provide solid value against the March Madness betting odds in the right matchup.  Bucknell’s straight up win and cover against Kansas in the first round of the 2005 NCAA Tournament, while shocking, should not have totally surprised March Madness betting gamblers that did a thorough job of handicapping on Kansas, which was struggling for much of the season’s second half.  Bucknell was a generous underdog and, although nobody could see their straight up win, they were a good value against the March Madness betting odds.  This is a great example of how “name brand” teams from big time conferences can sometimes offer no value against the March Madness betting, except for those gamblers willing to oppose them.

Your better coached “name brand” teams, however, often offer decent value for gamblers not shy about laying a lot of points in March Madness betting. The better college basketball coaches do not allow any letdowns and get their teams to maximize their play during the early rounds of the tournament, regardless of the competition. Oftentimes good handicapping values can be found against the March Madness betting odds when the middle seeds match up against each other in the first couple of rounds of the NCAA Tournament.  Sometimes one of the seeds is either over or under-rated and a gambler can occasionally get a soft March Madness betting line on or against a team with these matchups.

It is important when handicapping the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament for a March Madness betting gambler to take into account a team’s momentum heading into the Big Dance, but also be aware of potential let downs of teams that snuck into the March Madness brackets with a dramatic run against their conference tournaments and the March Madness betting odds.

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