March Madness Betting Underdogs at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is all about favorites and underdogs.

When it comes to betting on favorites in March Madness betting there are some basic factors that a sharp bettor/handicapper must take into account. Let’s take a look at how to analyze favorites in March Madness brackets.

March Madness betting is definitely more profitable if you find value. The first factor for a handicapper to consider is the obvious, which is whether or not the correct team is favored on the March Madness brackets. The gambler should simply ask whether or not the favorite will beat the underdog team that they are matched up against?  It is of critical importance for a bettor to realize that the March Madness betting lines are set on public perception and consumer demand much more than they are based on the actual merits and reality of the matchup in question. It is therefore important to start handicapping a game by getting back to the basics and elementary questions when analyzing the favorites true capabilities in March Madness betting. Once a gambler has determined that the correct team is favored the next factor to analyze is whether or not the March Madness betting line is fair. Before the March Madness betting lines are released, a gambler should set his line for each game on the board to determine what he believes to be the fair line and then compare that to the actual line set by the oddsmakers. 
If the March Madness betting number is significantly higher than the gambler’s own set of lines, it wouldn’t make sense to wager on the favorite.
If those numbers are similar or lower, however, the favorite may have some appeal.

The next factor for a gambler to determine is what exactly made the March Madness betting line for this game what it is. Is the number posted by the oddsmakers based on merit or reputation and mass public perception? Is the March Madness betting number based on the favorite having more appeal than they should? Another factor to consider for the handicapper looking at the March Madness brackets is to analyze the prior two or three games for each team involved in the matchup.  What a gambler must do is avoid jumping on a favorite that the public is all over in the March Madness brackets. Public favorites just don’t win often enough for you to support them in March Madness betting.

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