March Madness Betting Totals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting totals are one area of the March Madness brackets that most people ignore

There used to be a time when sportsbooks didn’t offer totals on college basketball games, but with March Madness betting, there are totals on all of the games. It is not an easy thing to do to put a total on every single college basketball game and opportunities exist to make money with March Madness betting totals.

March Madness betting totals are difficult for sportsbooks to get a handle on and that is good news for you as a bettor. Sportsbooks do a good job for the most part putting up quality sides in March Madness betting, but they are traditionally weak in March Madness betting totals.  Betting basketball totals is something that professional gamblers do on a regular basis.  The average sports bettor doesn’t dabble too much in March Madness betting totals and that really is too bad.  With weak lines and many games to choose from, March Madness betting totals should be something we all look at.

Since we know that making March Madness betting totals is difficult for the sportsbooks, we should know that coming up with lines of our own is going to be tough as well.  To solve this problem we are better off concentrating our efforts on just a select few games.  It is just too much work to come up with accurate lines for every game in March Madness brackets.  It is better to be able to watch a certain conference or two and get a feel for those teams. As a college basketball bettor you can focus on a conference and watch or listen to games and have a much better idea of what is going on with March Madness betting totals than the book does.  This is a big advantage for you if you can take the time to do the work.

You should remember with March Madness betting totals that the sportsbook does far less work on the totals of a game than they do on the side.  The limits they take on college basketball totals in March Madness brackets are lower than the sides, and the interest level doesn’t warrant doing a great deal of work on the numbers.  This is to your advantage.  You can do something that most average bettors do not do, and that is attack weak numbers based on your feel for the games.  Usually with other sports this is not very successful, but it can be very rewarding as you look at March Madness brackets.

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