March Madness Betting Reality at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting season is nearly here and the last thing that any self-respecting March Madness basketball fan wants to do is to be caught unprepared.

March Madness betting causes a frenzy all around the world as the fans have been waiting for the March madness basketball bracket and to be prepared for it. However, for many March madness betting fans that’s menacing reality as there seems to be less and less time in the day.

March madness betting is something that sports fans and sports bettors are loathe to miss out on.  So in case you’ve fallen a little behind or haven’t been able to follow the college basketball season like you wanted to, here’s a brief scouting report for the March madness basketball bracket this season.  And while it’s still quite early in many ways to begin handicapping the March madness betting, it never hurts to get a head start.

The top team in the country right now and the top contender for the March madness betting is definitely the University of North Carolina.  They are simply far and away the best team in March madness betting contention right now.  Led by Tyler Hansbrough, who will be named the college player of the year this team is deep and talented.  Anyone who’s ever bet on a March madness basketball bracket knows how important depth and good guard play in March madness betting and this team has it all.  This is an exceptionally good team, one of the best in years and will certainly make a huge impact in the March madness betting.

However, there are still a handful of undefeated teams left in March madness betting contention and any of them would be able to make a run at March madness basketball bracket dominance.  The University of Memphis for example is team that has yet to lose and is a very intriguing prospect for March madness basketball fans.  This is a team led by one of the most talented freshman in the country and will play pressure D and run you out of the gym –a very tough style to beat in March madness betting.  But they play in a relatively weak conference and so it’s hard to say how good the team really is.

Kansas on the other hand another undefeated team in the Big 12 just seems to get better with every game and this is a team that March madness betting teams should expect to see in the Final Four.  Absurdly talented at every position, this team has several lottery picks on its roster and if it stays healthy will do some damage in the March madness betting.

UCLA is also a dangerous team and could do very well in the March madness basketball bracket action as well.

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