March Madness Betting Popularity at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is actually more popular than the Super Bowl in terms of betting?

Instead of just getting one game to bet on, sports gamblers get many games to wager on with March Madness bettingMarch Madness brackets are popular to both the average bettor and the professional gambler.

March Madness betting can appeal to everyone. The most popular office pools in the world revolve around the NCAA tournament.  March Madness brackets are filled out on Monday and Tuesday and the most exciting week of the college basketball season begins on Thursday.  Technically you have the 64 versus 65 Game on Tuesday but neither of those two teams is going anywhere and the March Madness betting appeal on that game is limited. 

Every time you see the selection show for the March Madness brackets on Sunday afternoon you always see matchups that you are just sure will go a certain way.  Many people always love to take the #12 seeds against the #5 seeds in March Madness betting.  It seems every year one of the #12 seeds will advance farther into the tournament than is expected.  That is what makes March Madness betting so exciting; its one and you are done.  Every game means so much and there is so much excitement.  There really is nothing else in sports like March Madness betting.  We all know that the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball are popular sports, but they do not match the sheer excitement that the NCAA tournament produces. 

March Madness betting is really a very easy thing to do.  Your opinion in the tournament is often just as good as someone that is a professional.  The March Madness brackets are extremely unpredictable and anything can happen.  In addition to March Madness betting you also have the opportunity to get in some of the many office pools that are available.  Don’t think that they exist just in your local office either.  Such sites as CBS, ESPN, FOX, etc, now run some of these pools.  It seems everyone now has an office pool and the Internet has made getting into some of these pools extremely easy.  Everyone loves March Madness betting and participating in an office pool is an easy way to do that.

March Madness betting is extremely popular and it is something that people around the world look forward to every spring.

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