March Madness Betting Loyalties at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness provides some of the most exciting sports betting action of the year.

For many gamblers March Madness offers an opportunity to watch their alma mater university perform in the nation’s biggest college basketball tournament. However, March Madness betting must be done in a completely unbiased manner if one’s March Madness handicapping is going to be handled correctly. Therefore, March Madness betting fans must always be very careful not to let their school loyalties sway them into making unwise March Madness wagers.

March Madness gambling is certainly challenging and it is only logical that you give yourself every advantage you can during your March Madness betting. This means doing all of your homework and carefully evaluating every March Madness betting match up. However, as any veteran sports handicapper will tell you, perfect handicapping does not allow for personal loyalties. Many March Madness gamblers are loath to bet against their alma mater and will bet on the team in March Madness regardless of the betting line. Other gamblers will simply convince themselves that their alma mater is a good team and that wagering on them is a good bet, when it really is not. No matter the reason, if the end result is that your personal college loyalties play a large role in your March Madness handicapping, then you are not genuinely finding the best March Madness betting lines available and you are consequently decreasing your chances of winning. In other words, such a March Madness betting strategy makes no sense to most March Madness betting analysts.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that you should never bet on your alma mater during March Madness. For one, it should be the case fairly frequently that one’s favorite school is in fact a valuable bet. Also, many March Madness bettors are happy to place a very small wager on their alma mater throughout March Madness, simply to increase the excitement of rooting for their favorite team. The key is that this amount should be less than what would normally be wagered upon a game that was properly handicapped. For example, if your March Madness money management strategy has you betting between one and three units on each March Madness game, then perhaps you should bet a mere half unit or even quarter unit on a game involving your alma mater. This way, you will be able to enjoy the betting excitement without putting your March Madness bankroll at risk.

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