Tradition in March Madness Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines show that tradition is important to consider when you look to pick winners

When it gets down to the Championship game, in the past three decades the teams that meet in the Final have been there before.  If you are looking to pick Cinderella teams then you better pick them early in the tournament versus the March Madness betting lines. March Madness betting lines show that a #1 seed nearly always makes the Final Four.  As you look at March Madness odds and brackets you need to pick at least one of the #1 seeds to reach the Final Four.  Picking upsets is great, but a power team is going to make the Final Four and impact March Madness odds.  As you look at March Madness betting lines you want to remember that power conferences do pretty well.  The Final Four is usually full of teams from the Big 12, ACC, Big East and Pac-10. As you consider March Madness betting lines you should remember that one conference will probably stand out each season.  That means two teams from the same conference will probably make it to the Elite Eight and be worth looking at in March Madness betting lines.  You can use this information to pick winners in March Madness odds.  If you noticed that a conference is doing well you can start betting those teams in the March Madness betting lines.

As you look at March Madness betting lines and seeds, the #1 seeds do about as expected while a #3 or a #6 usually surprises and makes it farther than you might expect.  The #10 and #12 seeds usually have one of the surprise teams in March Madness betting lines.  It seems every single season a #10 or #12 seed surprises everyone and makes it deeper into the tournament than they should.  Looking at some of the past trends and seeding information can be helpful in choosing winners versus March Madness betting lines.

Always do your research when picking games versus March Madness betting lines.  Past history is great to look at and can be a useful tool but also remember to consider current stats and information for March Madness odds.

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