Tournament March Madness Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines really begin in late February or early March with college basketball conference tournaments.

An argument can be made that these tournaments are even a better chance to make money with than the Big Dance March Madness odds. March Madness betting lines for college basketball tournaments involve a lot of different factors that are not always present in NCAA Tourney March Madness odds.  You have letdowns, revenge, home court advantage, etc.  These factors don’t apply when looking at March Madness odds for the NCAA Tourney because teams are always focused, play on neutral courts and are not looking ahead. There is also the motivation factor to consider with college basketball tournament March Madness betting lines.  Some teams have already clinched a berth in the Big Dance and don’t need to win their tournament.  Other teams must be motivated to win because it is their only chance.

You must take that into account when looking at March Madness betting lines in terms of conference tourneys.  You also have another unique factor in college basketball tourney March Madness betting lines and that is the third time factor.  It could be the third time the teams are playing each other during the season.  It is tough to beat any team a third time so this is a factor to remember when looking at tournament March Madness betting lines.

You should be aware that there are far more college basketball March Madness betting lines than in the NCAA Tourney.  You have so many more games to consider.  There are conference tourney March Madness betting lines for all of the major conferences and most of the little ones. The Ivy League is about the only conference that doesn’t hold a postseason tourney.  That means you have a huge amount of games to consider when looking at tourney March Madness betting lines.  You must remember that and not get overwhelmed by the number of games on the March Madness odds board.

March Madness betting lines are always great to consider.  Remember though that they really begin with college basketball conference tourneys. Those tourneys begin in late February or early March with the majority happening the week before the NCAA Tourney. Don’t forget about them this season when looking at March Madness betting lines.

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