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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines are nearly upon us.

The time is drawing near and the March Madness 2008 will soon be upon us.  For the average sports fan that’s a fantastic thing as this year there are all kinds of great story lines and betting opportunities at play in the world of March Madness betting lines

 March Madness betting lines a rare and peculiar development in the sporting world.  Nowhere, among the other vast and multiple plenitudes of sports betting lines do you find such a unique and unusual betting forum as what is provided by March Madness betting lines.  Take for example most post season betting tournaments for major sports –they’re obviously much different that what you find in college baseball and March Madness betting lines. 

Take for example baseball.  There could be no bigger opposites in terms of sports betting the great disparities in MLB betting odd and March Madness betting lines.  In professional baseball you have just eight teams that qualify for the post season, a figure that is less than one eighth of the figure that is involved in the March Madness betting lines.  In the first round of playoffs only the four worst teams in the playoffs play, which is also a stark contrast to March Madness betting lines as there is there are no byes given out.  But perhaps the biggest difference between pro baseball postseason betting odds and the March Madness betting lines is the simple fact that in March Madness betting lines there is no second chance.

Everyone who’s ever played the March Madness betting lines knows that that’s part of the magic –the fact one loss will send any team home, no matter what their regular season record is.  MNCAA March Madness 2008 will be no different and there should be plenty of action.  In contrast, pro baseball plays a best of five and best of seven series which also creates some great betting moments but fails to create the urgency that March Madness betting lines generate.

And that is perhaps the secret to March Madness betting lines and the reason why all kinds or crazies will tune into the NCAA March Madness 2008.  The fact that one single loss can send your season crashing down around you or the fact that one single win is all it takes to advance to the next round of NCAA March Madness betting lines action creates a sense of desperation that is void from most all other major sports.  And that is why so many people can’t wait for NCAA March Madness 2008.

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