March Madness Betting Excitement at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting can be exciting and profitable but it can also be overwhelming if you are looking to bet every single game on the board.

One of the biggest mistakes made by otherwise well meaning and eager college basketball bettors that look at the March Madness bracket is that they allow themselves to be overloaded with research and work as they try and cover all or most of the teams which, in reality, is an impossible assignment. Narrowing your focus is very helpful in March Madness betting.

March Madness betting provides a lot of great choices but you can’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Narrowing things down is your first priority when looking at the March Madness bracket.  You might want to look only at teams from a certain conference in March Madness betting or coaches that you are familiar with.  It could be that you want to focus on only one or two conferences, such as the Big 10 or Big 12 and ignore the other leagues in March Madness betting. This gives you more quality time to do a thorough research job on a more limited amount of teams. Plus, access to information on the major conference teams is excellent with the Internet linking March Madness betting gamblers in to all of the country’s sports pages.

Another strategy that many “sharps” love is to concentrate on the mid major or lower conferences of college basketball in March Madness betting that attract less attention from the general public. The sharps believe that the oddsmakers often put out a weaker line on games between lesser known teams and that they can find some outstanding values on the March Madness bracket. Another angle that March Madness betting gamblers like is to simply go with teams that recruit well year after year, figuring that these teams will always be loaded with talent and unwise to oppose.

Another strategy of narrowing things down in March Madness betting is only considering underdogs.  Whenever you are getting points in televised games in March Madness betting they are worth considering.  The March Madness bracket is full of close games and the points are often worth taking.

The bottom line is to keep things simple.  Narrow your focus down to a manageable number of games as you look at March Madness betting.

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