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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting knows no bounds when it comes to madness

In fact this year there have already been several reported cases of fans catching a bad case of March madness bracket-itis, and it’s still just January.  The closer the calendar gets to the actual month of March, March madness betting will certainly begin claiming more and more victims.

March madness betting and the buzz that surrounds it is distinctly different that most other types of major sports betting.  While most professional sports betting seasons are full of excitement and fantastic betting opportunities, March madness betting seems to be on a pedestal of its own.  No other sport can match the intensity and unpredictability that March madness provides.  And one of the reasons for this is the ubiquitous March madness brackets.

March madness brackets begin popping up usually in early February with the mock seedings and the mock rankings and all of a sudden everyone becomes a March madness betting expert.  They start to come out of the woodwork -you’ve all met the type- and  what you thought was a mild manner co-worker morphs in a blathering fool about all things concerning March madness betting.

And then of course this condition is brought to full term in most March madness betting fans when the unofficial office pool gets underway.  In many March madness fans the affliction of March madness brackets obsession lays dormant until being triggered by the launch of the office pool betting contest and then for three weeks these people are transformed into March madness betting monsters.  And that is the power of March madness betting.

And to anyone unfamiliar with this annual transformation and certainly must think all this talk about March madness betting fans to be wildly exaggerated, simply take a look at the numbers.  The first week of the March madness betting tournament is the least productive week for the US economy during the entire year.  And no it has nothing to do with market conditions, rather half the workforce in the US calls in sick or does nothing as they are consumed with the March madness betting.  Horror stories of the bandwidth overrides occurring as March Madness fanatics try and follow the action online.  Networks crash, production slows to a crawl and for several days the US economy is brought to a crawl, held hostage to the power of March madness betting. It is a sad but true story and one destined to repeat itself as March madness betting will rear its wild head in just six short weeks.

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