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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting has become one of the most exciting activities for gamblers and one of the most profitable for sportsbooks.

Over the past few years the opening weekend of March Madness betting has become a major betting event.  Let’s look at some things to remember with March Madness betting.

March Madness betting for the serious professional is nothing more than a job to do and do well.  For those who play to win rather than to pay, March Madness betting offers both outstanding opportunities and perilous pitfalls.
March Madness betting begins by realizing that the cream usually rises to the top.  Teams like North Carolina, Duke, Kansas and other top name programs usually make it deep into the tournament. When looking at March Madness brackets it is important to know that college basketball, unlike the NBA, is the ultimate coach’s game.  Headmen such as Roy Williams of North Carolina, Mike Krzyzewski of Duke, and Jim Calhoun of Connecticut are proven commodities that consistently deliver results in the March Madness brackets.   They are literal maestros of college basketball strategy and have such fantastic experience in big time games that they bring value in March Madness betting that overcomes the “public” nature of their programs.

Over the past few years, teams from the small and mid-major conferences have often found themselves blown out in their matchups with top seeded teams in the March Madness brackets, so when you are involved in March Madness betting it is important not to reach, and to respect the top seeded teams, particularly early.  Many of the top seeded teams play teams in the opening round that, in reality, don’t belong in the tournament and are only there because of a conference tie-in.  Experienced powerhouse programs have shown little mercy with these teams and don’t screw around.  The traditional powers know that the March Madness brackets are so important.

In March Madness betting the best way to find surprises are to go against traditional power or “reputation” teams that were granted a “pass” into the tournament just because of that reputation, despite having a sub par season in which they really didn’t earn the right to be there.   In situations such as this you can often pick up value in March Madness betting.  Going against “reputation” teams that had failed to live up to their accolades in the regular season is the best underdog strategy there is with March Madness betting.

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