March Madness Betting 2008 at SBG Global

March madness betting is nearly upon us and perhaps there is no greater sequence of words to the sports bettors’ ears. This year the March madness 2008 betting should be better than ever. 

Every year it seems that the March madness games will be fantastic and it almost always is, but this time the March madness betting seems like it really be extraordinary.

March madness sports action never disappoints.  It’s always the best game in town but this year the action should be especially fast and furious and provide a great deal of fine March madness wagering.  One of the reasons why you should expect more than usual when March madness 2008 roles around is the fact that there are so many good players in the pool this year.  As anyone that follows March madness gaming action knows there are great players in the mix every year, but this year even more so than in general.  That may seem like an arbitrary statement, but there is actually a very easy and quantifiable way to measure that March madness betting statement.

In years past top high school players have skipped playing college and a chance at glory in the March madness betting action in order to go straight to the NBA.  But this year, as most March madness gaming fans know, that is no longer an option.  March madness 2008 will be the second year, following last year that an NBA rule change forbids players from going directly from high school to NBA.  That means that probably at least a half dozen players that could be starring for NBA teams in years past are right now playing in college trying to get their teams to the March madness wagering .

A player like OJ Mayo or Eric Gordon or Kevin Love just to name a few names would very likely have opted for the NBA draft in years past but now are trying to lead their teams to births in the March madness 2008 tournament.  And for sports betting fans and especially for fans of March madness stats nothing could be better.  Already we’ve seen some fine freshman talent this year.  Mayo for example has dazzled fans on the west coast as has Love and fans can’t wait to see what they can do in the March madness betting action this spring.  And Gordon has been a breath of fresh air for an otherwise stale Big 10 this season and is considered perhaps the best freshman with a shot to lead his team to the March madness sports action. Averaging well over 20 points a game and leading his Indiana team into the top 15 in the rankings, you can all but bet the farm that he’ll be around when it’s time for the March madness betting

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