March Madness bet Strategy at SBG Global

March Madness bet strategy must involve careful handicapping that looks at each aspect of each team in any given March Madness betting match up. When you place a March Madness bet, you must always be sure to compare the two teams completely, rather than simply determining that one team is generally better than the other and is therefore a more favorable March Madness bet. Also, you should always take the time to research a lesser known team that you are placing a March Madness bet on in the early rounds of the March Madness betting tournament.

March Madness bet analysis requires are careful evaluation of how two opponents match up against one another because March Madness betting is far more complex than simply deciding which team seems better. There are often March Madness betting situations in which, during the regular season, team A has beaten team B, team B has beat team C, and  team C has beaten team A. In other words, a March Madness bet between teams A and C cannot immediately be placed on team C, which has beaten team A. One must also recognize that team A has beaten B, which has beaten C, so A may also be able to beat C.

The reality of March Madness betting, and college basketball betting in general, is that each team and each game is unique, and a March Madness bet must be handicapped with an appreciation for that fact. Before placing your March Madness bet you must compare match ups between the different positions, styles of play, coaching, bench players, and many other factors. For example, a team with a fairly dominant center may seem unstoppable when playing a team with no similar big man, but find itself unable to compete with other teams that have large centers.

Sometimes this need for careful analysis demands some true research, but when making a March Madness bet this time investment is often worth it. The more you know, the more adept you will be at placing your March Madness bet. This fact is particularly important when placing a March Madness bet in the early rounds of the tournament, because it is in these rounds that you are more likely to be handicapping a March Madness betting match up involving a team that you know little about. Some gamblers simply avoid placing a March Madness bet on this type of game, but the fact is that by doing a little bit of homework you can actually often learn enough to place an intelligent March Madness bet based on more complete information than many of your gambling peers enjoy.


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