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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds tend to vary greatly, perhaps even more than most other sporting events.

Just Christmas, Santa Claus, your birthday and all the other exciting days of years all wrapped up into one, when NCAA March Madness strikes things get mad.  And if you want to make the most of the NCAA March Madness betting opportunities you have to make certain you get the best March Madness odds available.

March Madness odds vary tremendously, as is the nature of the beast.  With so many sports betting sites out there putting out March Madness betting odds and the sheer number of teams involved make the probability that varying March Madness odds will result a very likely event.  And as any seasoned March Madness odds bettor knows that’s where the opportunity lies for most NCAA March Madness betting endeavors.

March Madness odds are completely unlike any other major sporting event that we have in the US.  For example, the NFL playoffs have 12 teams, the MLB playoffs have eight teams and the NBA has 16 teams.  Those numbers pale in comparison to the 65 teams that are represented in the world of March Madness odds.  And among those 65 teams at least a quarter of them are terribly obscure teams from lesser conferences that most March Madness odds makers and bettors have never even seen play and likely know very little about.  And that in itself is a special challenge that only March Madness odds makers face.  And as such, with so little information known about some of these teams the March Madness odds makers are bound to make mistakes.

And when the March Madness odds makers do make mistakes there is plenty of opportunity for NCAA March Madness bettors to capitalize.  “How?” you might ask.  Simple.  If you’re looking to get a jump on the March Madness odds you need to become familiar with some of these more obscure teams that perhaps March Madness betting odds makers may not be familiar with.

That’s not as difficult as it sounds.  March Madness odds fans need to become familiar with the lesser conferences that receive automatic bids and check out the lead teams in these conferences such as the Ivy League, the Big Sky, the Patriot Conference, and various other March madness odds conferences.  Simply keeping an eye on this action from time to time will greatly improve your chances when March Madness arrives.

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