March Madness odds action at SBG Global

March Madness odds season will soon be upon and the March Madness odds fanatics will transform from mild mannered sports fans into animals. This year the NCAA March Madness 2008 action looks promising as there is large number of fantastically talented teams.  The March Madness lines makers will no doubt have their work cut out for them and anyone looking to play the March Madness odds can look to capitalize on this.

March Madness betting odds makers never have an easy job, but this year looks to be a tough tournament to call.  After the top five to six teams, the field of teams that looks to end up in the March Madness pool looks to be very tough to predict.  And of course there are the automatic bid teams from the weak conferences that must be discounted by March Madness odds, but that still leaves a nucleus of at least 40 teams out there that could create havoc for the March Madness makers.

There are the teams like Kansas, UCLA, North Carolina, etc, that is expected to do well and will undoubtedly be the favorites of the March Madness makers.  But when you get lower down in the ranking between the positions of number 10 and 35, these are the teams that will give ulcers to the March Madness makers.  And if we look ahead to the NCAA March Madness 2008 there are several teams that fall into this category that could either make a huge run in the tournament or have a very short appearance in the NCAA March Madness 2008 action.

One team that could be very dangerous but is flying just off the radar of a lot of March Madness makers is Arizona State University.  The team is now ranked number 22 in the land and so is certain to grab the attention of the March Madness odds makers but until now not many people have been watching.  It is the only other team aside from UCLA to have perfect record in the very tough PAC 10, and looks like the type of sleeper that can make a mess of March Madness.

Another team that could surprise people is Clemson.  This is a supremely talented team and has come closer to defeating number one North Carolina than any other team.  Most March Madness odds makers know about this team, but at times its inconsistency make it a difficult team to judge and that will cause some March Madness to go against the this team.  Its fellow ACC conference mate, Miami, is also a team that, if it survives conference play could shock some March Madness makers.


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