Looking at March Madness Brackets at SBG Global

March Madness brackets are anticipated by millions of people around the world. Many people just can’t wait for the NCAA Tournament selection shows on CBS and ESPN?  How do you go about making money on March Madness and what things do you look for?

March Madness look so very appealing.  The first thing to remember when looking at March Madness is that no team is ever as good as they look.  This is March Madness and every team has a chance to cover the spread and many have a chance to win outright.  Only the #16 teams have no chance to win.  The #15 teams don’t have much chance either but once in a while you will see a #14 see win and we know that #12 seeds win all the time in March Madness betting.  Don’t ever fall in love with favorites as you look at March Madness .  That is your first big tip.

The second thing to remember as you look at March Madness brackets is that strong conferences do well.  If a conference was good during the regular season they are likely to be strong in March Madness betting.  For example, if the ACC got six teams into the tournament and a few of them were in the top 25 it is a good possibility those teams will do well in the March Madness.  Conversely, if a conference got only three teams in when they should have been stronger, then they may struggle in the March Madness brackets.  You can also look at Thursday results in terms of which conferences did well and sometimes forecast games for Friday in March Madness betting.

Another tip to remember about March Madness brackets is that as the tournament progresses teams tend to start to relax and play to form.  What this means is that the top teams begin to show.  You don’t have as many upsets after the first weekend of the March Madness brackets.  The better teams start to show through and that also means that favorites tend to do better as the tournament goes along.  Blindly taking underdogs that worked well early in the tournament is not as profitable later when teams are playing up to their potential.

March Madness brackets are great to look at, fun to bet and very interesting to fill out.  Hopefully you will have a successful season both in picking your teams and in March Madness betting.

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