Look at Top Seeds with your March Madness Bet

March Madness bet is just around the corner and the top seeds are likely to do quite well. In the last five years of March Madness lines, the ultimate NCAA Tournament champion has been a number one seed a total of four times.  Only the 2006 Florida Gators won it all while not being a number one seed.

March Madness bet should be popular on teams like Kansas and Kentucky. They seem like two of the #1 seeds.  The other two are up for grabs but Syracuse and Villanova definitely have a shot from the Big East. The NCAA Tournament is not like last year when North Carolina rolled all the way through for those making a March Madness bet. This season there could be a lot of upsets along the way in March Madness lines.

When making a March Madness bet there is no question that people will be looking at Kansas and Kentucky but other teams are in the hunt for top seeds.  Syracuse and Villanova have proven that nothing is secure as both teams lost this past week.  That has put Purdue and Duke in the running for a top seed.  The postseason conference tournaments will be extremely important as the jockeying for position in March Madness bet action continues.

If you are looking for big name teams like North Carolina and UCLA in the NCAA Tournament you are not going to find them this time.  Both the Tar Heels and the Bruins have struggled this season.  Even Connecticut could be in trouble. Do you know the last time that those three teams were not on the board in March Madness lines?  It was in 1966.  The Huskies might make a late run to make it this season but unless North Carolina and UCLA win their postseason tournament they are going to be out.

As you make a March Madness bet you want to look at teams that could win it all. Already mentioned were Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Villanova, Duke and Purdue.  Also in the hunt are West Virginia, Kansas State and possibly even teams like Ohio State, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Georgetown, Butler and Michigan State.  If history is any indication though, a #1 seed is likely to be the ultimate winner in March Madness lines.  That means you really want to consider Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse and Villanova if you are making a March Madness bet on a team to win it all.


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