Look at the Movement in March Madness Odds

March Madness odds will move a lot throughout the week and they are fascinating to look at. When you look at the March Madness betting brackets you will see a line and a total on every game. That means a lot of line movement to consider.

March Madness odds can move for a variety of reasons. The professional bettors that look at the March Madness betting brackets will bet any game while the public usually sticks to big name teams. Sometimes those games with teams like Northern Iowa or Cornell will get more line movement because the professionals are playing the game.  With marquee games you see March Madness odds line movement because the public is playing the game. When it comes to line moves in March Madness, knowing and understanding which way the line is likely to move will go a long way to helping you make money on the NCAA Tournament.

Many basketball bettors like to watch their wagers on television.  There is absolutely no doubt that more action is wagered on TV games than on those that are not on TV.  Because of this fact, the public is far more involved in games on television with March Madness odds.  This should give you a clue about which way the line will move on those games.  Remember that the public likes to take the favorite and the over when they bet. If you see a game on TV that is probably the way the March Madness odds will move.

A lot of the moves in March Madness occur on these games. Professional college basketball bettors may bet the other games in March Madness but the public rarely plays games they can’t watch on TV. Because of this fact the line will probably move a lot.  Keep in mind that all of the games in the NCAA Tournament are on TV but in the early rounds not all of them get the attention.  The tournament is televised with the marquee games getting the bulk of the TV coverage.

March Madness is a great time of year to follow line moves.  You can spend all day watching the odds move and really enjoy yourself.  You may also pick up a few things that can help you win money along the way and that is the goal as you bet on the NCAA Tournament.


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