Kansas vs KSU, an epic upset in NCAA Betting

February 24, 2015 NCAA Basketball

basketball falling through hoopThe Big 12 race just got VERY interesting for College Basketball Betting. The Kansas Jayhawks, ranked 8 in the nation, received an upset in their rivalry game versus the unranked Kansas State University Wildcats. As experts and pundits will agree, let this be a lesson to all important college basketball programs, do not EVER take rivalry games lightly.

Let’s leave the rivalry talk aside and lets discuss the big picture and the repercussions of yesterday’s game. This game poses a threat to the Jayhawks streak of 10 big 12 tittles. They are now at risk of having the conference title slip away, because they are now tied in the loss column with Iowa State and they have a very challenging schedule coming up. This opens the door quite a bit for both Iowa State and Oklahoma to pull the upset and put a stop the Jayhawks reign in the Big 12 in College Basketball Betting. The pressure is on the Jayhawks.

Last night’s game was a dream like situation for the KSU Wildcats. All season long they have been struggling and not being able to find their rhythm, and it has cost them several games all through out. But last night, magic happened. Their top scorer Marcus Foster was having a very difficult night just getting six point, but he was able to find support form Nigel Johnson coming off the bench with 20 points and Nino Williams pouring in 15.

It was a thrilling encounter for College Basketball Betting; it featured some big plays and several changes of the lead. In the end the final score 70 to 63, and as the buzzer sounded it was bedlam in the Fred Bramlage Coliseum in Manhattan, Kansas as fans stormed the court and created total pandemonium. Yeah, it might have been unsafe, but can you blame them? They are 14-15.

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