Gonzaga Remains Chalk for 2022 March Madness Odds

Gonzaga Remains Chalk for 2022 March Madness Odds

The Super Bowl is the King of the Jungle when it comes to the biggest sports betting event in the world. Las Vegas books more rooms and bets at higher prices than for any other time of the year. But ranking close behind in popularity is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Also known as “March Madness,” this College Basketball odds occasion generates the most gambling handle for every other sporting event on Earth. In particular, the opening weekend of March Madness ranks only behind the Super Bowl for booked rooms and bets.

2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Futures March Madness Odds

DatesMarch 15, 2022, Through April 4, 2022
Location:Final Four in New Orleans, Louisiana
2022 March Madness TV Coverage:CBS at its Affiliates

2022 March Madness Championship Odds at SBG

Gonzaga Bulldogs+750
Baylor Bears+800
Duke Blue Devils+1000
Kansas Jayhawks+1200
Purdue Boilermakers+1200
Kentucky Wildcats+1800
Arizona Wildcats+1800
Houston Cougars+2000
Auburn Tigers+2000
UCLA Bruins+2000
LSU Tigers+2200
Villanova Wildcats+2800
Illinois Fighting Illini+2800
Texas Longhorns+3300
Alabama Crimson Tide+3300
Wisconsin Badgers+3500
Michigan Wolverines+3500
Tennessee Volunteers+4000
Ohio State Buckeyes+4500
Memphis Tigers+4500
Michigan State Spartans+5000
USC Trojans+5000
Arkansas Razorbacks+5000
All Other Programs+5500 or Higher

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2022 March Madness Odds SBG Odds Overview

By reason of the 68-team field, does the sportsbook get stampeded like nothing else. In like manner to New Year’s Eve parties, there is an amateur hour aspect to March Madness. Most of the gambling in the NCAA Tournament is done by players that know nothing about college basketball. These gamblers simply go with the big name-brand teams like Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas, and North Carolina. March Madness is an event and excuse to take a few days off to party to the casual bettor. They are not serious handicappers.

On the other hand, sharps are like sharks in the water for March Madness. The avalanche of square money causes oddsmakers to adjust their lines to equal out the betting action. Thus, there are plenty of favorable odds set for Wise Guys to take advantage of. In many early games, teams will get several more points than they should, depending on the opponent and casual money.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

Since 2017 Gonzaga has been the runner-up in the NCAA Tournament two times (2017 and 2021). Last year was supposed to be the time for the Zags, but the Baylor Bears proved to be too much to handle. One of the biggest criticisms of Gonzaga is its membership in the relatively weak West Coast Conference. Specifically, the WCC is second-tier compared to the power leagues in almost every way. Most WCC teams play in tiny bandbox gyms instead of modern arenas. Further, the typical WCC roster is not comprised of deep quality. Thus, Gonzaga can coast in nearly every game. When the Zags face the tougher teams in the tournament, they eventually fade. Yet gamblers still like Gonzaga and seem to figure their year will come.

The Myth of Cinderella

One of the most appealing characteristics of the NCAA Tournament is a “Cinderella Team” that emerges from nowhere. In 2018, Loyola Chicago made the Final Four as the ultimate Cinderella. However, this was an exception to the College basketball odds rules. Most of the time, it is the power that flexes its muscle in March Madness.

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