Gonzaga Bulldog Betting Favored to Finally Reach the Summit – But Will They?

Gonzaga Bulldog Favored to Finally Reach the Summit – But Will They

At the onset of March Madness is a repeat favorite to win it all. The Gonzaga Bulldogs have made it to the national championship game two times. But the Zags could not close when it mattered most. Gonzaga has been transformed from the darling underdog into a national power with the College Basketball lines. But not everybody is sold. Cause by the Zags playing in the West Coast Athletic Conference. The WCC carries the stigma of being a much weaker league than the power conferences. And Gonzaga’s failure to finish is seen as proof of that.

2022 NCAA Tournament March Madness Overview

Date and Time:March 15 through April 4, 2022
TV Coverage:CBS and its Affiliates

March Madness Championship odds at SBG

Gonzaga Bulldogs+350
Arizona Wildcats+643
Kentucky Wildcats+762
Duke Blue Devils+1050
Baylor Bears+1175
Kansas Jayhawks+1275
Auburn Tigers+1375
Purdue Boilermakers +1425
Texas Tech Red Raiders+1900
Villanova Wildcats+2150
UCLA Bruins+2500
All Other Teams+3375 or higher

Bet Now on this Game

2022 March Madness SBG Odds Overview

On the whole, much of the March Madness offshore betting action is based on the power brands. The NCAA Tournament brings a lot of casual money from gamblers lacking college basketball knowledge. To these bettors, the NCAA Tournament may as well be the lottery. Casual players think of March Madness as a huge party and reason to gamble. Thus, they bet on the brands they are familiar with. Blue Bloods such as Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and Villanova are in this class.

The Golden Rule of March Madness Betting

Like everything else in sports betting, March Madness is about getting the most quality for the lowest price. And that is where the riddle comes in for the power brands. Certainly, a team like Kentucky can win the national championship. But can the Wildcats offer a price that makes it worthwhile? To begin with, in the early rounds, power teams will often carry an enhanced price tag. Cause by the squares flocking to bet on the brands that they know.

Therefore, it is important not to pay too much on any team wagered on. At the same time, gamblers should not get overly creative and make reaches. The NCAA Tournament is a power brand event. Eventually, the cream rises to the top. Cinderella teams are more of a myth than a reality.

Pace Yourself

The NCAA Tournament has evolved to the sports gambling equivalent of a craps table. Now with live in-game betting, gamblers can bet games within games. And those that don’t pace themselves with prudence can be wiped out instantly.

There is an old saying from poker that applies to March Madness. Specifically, it goes, “the fewer hands that you play, the more that you will win.” Gamblers that let the action come to them rather than forcing the issue will do the best in March Madness.

Power Teams to Consider

As we look at the top favorites, a team to consider is the Auburn Tigers. Namely, head coach Bruce Pearl has engineered an incredible transformation with the College basketball lines. Auburn was a 2019 Final Four team and has improved since then.

As for Gonzaga, they will be overpriced. Correlate that the Bulldogs do not face the same level of competition playing in the WCC. That has always caught up with them in the past.