Getting Started Making a March Madness Bet

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness bet choices really get popular when the NCAA Tournament begins.

There are a lot of games, a lot of March Madness lines, and a lot of ways to win money.  How do you get started making a March Madness bet?

March Madness bet action can start as early as you want it to in the month of March since conference tournaments begin a couple of weeks before the big dance. Keep in mind that there are far more games in these conference tournaments than there are NCAA Tourney March Madness lines. You have a number of chances to make money on sides and totals before the NCAA Tourney even begins. Smaller conferences, or mid-majors, often attract sharper money to their tournaments than do power conferences because those are considered added games many times at online sportsbooks.

You should use the same handicapping basics when you make a March Madness bet.  One difference to keep in mind is that there is a lot more public money when it comes to March Madness than during the regular season so that is something to remember.

As you look at making a March Madness bet don’t be afraid to lay the big numbers with power teams against small conference teams. The odds on these games are high but did you really want to take a #16 seed getting 35 points and hope they cover?  Other games won’t have lines like that but you really have to be careful about taking unknown teams unless you really have a feel for them.

When you make a bet it is important to keep in mind that some teams may have made it into the tourney even though they didn’t play well down the stretch while others played great before the tourney.  Usually you want to take the teams playing well.  It is also important to remember that the NCAA Tournament selection committee looks at recent games as a big factor in how they seed teams.

Get ready to make your wagers on the NCAA Tournament and some of the other games before the big dance.  Decide if you want to start early with the conference tournaments or even the NIT games that will be taking place before the NCAA Tourney begins. There are a lot of great options as you get ready to make your wagers on college basketball.

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