Get Ready for the Unknowns in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is going to be full of unknowns. From the teams you have never heard of to upsets you never saw coming.

You need to get ready for the unknowns as you bet March Madness odds. March Madness betting is going to have teams in the brackets that you simply no nothing about.  You didn’t see teams like Vermont or Bucknell play at all this season.  There are going to be other teams as well that are unknown to you in March Madness betting.  This happens with some of the added board teams from the Big Sky, Southern Conference and others. A team like Cornell is just not going to get much attention from the oddsmaker or the general public.  Even if you did see the team on the odds board once in a while you are not going to have any idea of how good they are.

Also keep in mind that on added games that the sportsbook has lower limits. What this tells you is that the oddsmaker knows very little about these teams too.  You won’t see lower limits in March Madness betting but the oddsmaker is in the dark about some of these teams just like you are. You can get ready for these teams though by doing some research. Get familiar with the added conferences in college basketball.  Watch the line moves in March Madness odds on these games that have unknown teams. The public isn’t going to bet these unknown teams so if you see the line moving toward them you know that the wise guys hit the game.  You can follow their moves in March Madness betting on these unknown teams.

Information is a big key in college basketball and that applies to March Madness betting.  Unknown teams give you a chance to get as much or more information than the people making the odds.  You can use this information to make wise betting decisions in March Madness odds.  It only takes one nugget of information on an unknown team for you to find a winner in March Madness betting.

Get ready for the unknown teams for this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  They can be very valuable to you when you look at the March Madness odds for the NCAA Tournament. When you focus on just a few of the unknowns you can get the edge.

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