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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four odd handicapping is a popular endeavor among sports gamblers since March Madness and the Final Four are great to wager on

Many people that look at Final Four odd betting lines do so from a public perspective. Is there a better way to look at the Final Four betting odds?

Final Four odd handicapping for most people involves looking only at the team’s name and who is favored. Gamblers rarely do much research or put time into handicapping the game. They pick the marquee team or the favored team and that is the extent of their Final Four odd handicapping. Gamblers that want to win money versus Final Four betting odds do a little bit more than just take the favorite. They will look at many different factors and more Final Four odd betting options than just the side or just the total.

Final Four odd handicapping should start by looking at some of the unknown statistics. Everyone can look at basic stats and offensive and defensive numbers. The winning gambler will look at more numbers like strength of schedule, experience, assist to turnover ratio, intangibles, etc when considering Final Four odd betting lines. Research and doing the work is important when you are looking at Final Four odd handicapping. Look at the numbers in Final Four betting odds that the general public ignores. It is in these areas that you can find some excellent stats that can help you pick the winner in Final Four betting odds.

Did you know that in addition to sides and totals in Final Four odd betting lines that you will often get propositions? Since the games are so high profile many sportsbooks will put up Final Four odd props on the games in the Final Four and in the title game. You may find props on how many points, rebounds or assists a player may have or you may find props where a player for one team is matched up against another player. You can definitely find some advantages if you are willing to do the research for these Final Four odd prop wagers.

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