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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four odd betting tips begin by looking for the better team

Usually the better team will win and cover the Final Four betting odds. The trick is determining which team is better so let’s look at some tips that can help.

Final Four odd handicapping begins with looking at the matchups. These will have the various statistics like offense, defense, rebounding, etc. Included in the Final Four odd matchups will be other statistics like ATS numbers, strength of schedule, power ratings, etc. These are all interesting to look at but which ones should we focus on? Strength of schedule is a good one as this tells us which teams played the toughest opponents and are ready for the Final Four.

Another great statistic to look at when handicapping Final Four odd lines is the road record. If a team is going to cover the Final Four betting odds then they probably did well on the road. Remember that Final Four games are played on neutral sites so it is really a road game for each team and that is important to consider when handicapping Final Four odd betting lines.

Another Final Four odd handicapping tip is to consider intangibles. These are facts that get overlooked in basic Final Four odd matchups. These include coaching, experience, injuries, etc. For example, let’s say a team made it to the Final Four last year and is returning this season. That team has experience and that intangible factor is important to consider when looking at Final Four betting odds.

As you consider the Final Four odd betting lines you also want to look at the total. Many gamblers forget all about the total when they look at Final Four odd betting lines. Once teams make the Final Four they tend to relax a little bit and games can be high scoring. That can also continue in the title game as points are put up and excite those that bet Final Four odd lines.

You may also want to consider some parlays or teasers in Final Four odd betting. It is always fun to parlay a few things together in the Final Four whether they are sides or totals. Those are just a few things to keep in mind when you consider Final Four betting odds this season.

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