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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting reaches its conclusion with the Final Four

Officially, March Madness betting begins in March and culminates with the Final Four in early April. As we look at March Madness betting for the Final Four there are a few things to consider and some things to keep in mind.

March Madness betting for some gamblers can start with the coaches.  The big name coaches like Roy Williams, Jim Calhoun and Mike Krzyzewski usually are decent bets in March Madness betting once they have made the Final Four betting.  Sometimes early in the tournament they may be overvalued in March Madness betting, but by the time the Final Four arrives these coaches have their teams prepared to win.  Sometimes it is during the Final Four that you will see a Cinderella team matched up against one of the powers and this is usually where the power team comes through in the March Madness brackets.  It happened in 2006 as George Mason was crushed by Florida in March Madness betting.  You can probably put Billy Donovan into the upper echelon of coaches after his Gators won the 2006 and 2007 titles.  Donovan has been on the edge of coaching greatness and he may now be there.

Another thing to consider when looking at the March Madness brackets for the Final Four is the fatigue factor, especially as it applies to the championship game.  It is not easy to have to play the semifinal on Saturday and then come back with all the pressure and play again on Monday.  Very often the team that is more prepared physically to handle the game will win in March Madness betting.  In 2005 you had a very athletic North Carolina team win the title game and the same thing happened in 2006 and 2007 as Florida won in March Madness betting.  It would be extremely rare for any team to be able to keep up with North Carolina or Florida.  Both teams will run opponents into the ground if given the chance.

When it gets to the point of the Final Four in March Madness brackets most of your original handicapping is gone.  Now it is more of a matchup game and strictly which team is better in the March Madness brackets.  Early in the tournament some of the overmatched teams could cover the March Madness betting pointspread.  That doesn’t happen very often when it gets to March Madness betting and the Final Four. 

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