Final Four betting value at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four betting value is what most gamblers look for when making a wager.

Many times when people are betting Final Four action they don’t look much past the teams’ name or who is favored. What can you do to find value in Final Four betting?

Final Four betting will involve both, public and professional bettors. Since so much of the Final Four betting is from the public you definitely want to consider going against them. You know that the public is going to bet the marquee teams like North Carolina and UCLA when betting Final Four action. That is natural since these teams are very popular. You should be aware of this if you want to bet favorites in Final Four betting. Keep in mind that the oddsmakers know which teams the public will wager on when betting Final Four action. If you want to bet these teams you are almost always going to pay a premium price to do so.

This is called an overlay and it is when you are laying more points than you should. It happens all the time in sports betting and is very common in high profile games like the Final Four. If you are going to wager on favorites in Final Four betting then be aware that you are most likely laying too many points. That doesn’t mean you can’t win though. Overlays win all the time but they don’t win enough of the time and that is the point.

With Final Four betting you don’t have as many choices as you have in the regular season but you do have options. Instead of wagering on the side in Final Four betting you could bet the total. If neither of those options is appealing in Final Four betting you can look at the money line or proposition wagers. With marquee events like the Final Four you will have prop wagers on which players will score more points, have more rebounds, etc in Final Four betting.

The obvious way to get value in Final Four betting is to take the underdog but if that is not appealing remember to look at the other choices you have when betting Final Four games.

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