Facts on March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is a great time at sportsbooks.

The first round of the “Big Dance” has become so popular that many people believe it rivals even the Super Bowl in terms of popularity and betting interest. Sportsbooks are flooded with money on that opening weekend and the March Madness odds are superb.

March Madness betting really brings in gamblers from all walks of life. Anyone that even remotely follows sports gets involved in March Madness betting. It is really the tournament that brings people out of the woodwork to bet. It is a do or die situation for 64 teams and that has great appeal to gamblers. You have the marquee teams such as Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, etc., but you also have the Cinderella teams like George Mason, Wichita State and others that make the tournament something very special. The goal in March Madness betting is obviously to find winners and we’ll look at some things that can help today.

As March Madness betting rolls around you can throw out everything that happened in the regular season. There is a definite difference between how people bet during the regular season and what happens during the tourney. Everyone bets the tournament. That means you have a ton of public money and that means March Madness odds are very interesting to look at. You will get the dark horse matchups in the tournament that you didn’t get in the regular season. You will see teams from smaller conferences getting a lot of points in March Madness odds against the marquee teams and often they are worth a look. Usually one of these teams turns into the Cinderella team for that year. Remember that as March Madness betting progresses.

When you bet March Madness odds at sportsbooks it is very easy to get carried away. There are so many great games, all of which are on TV. It is so easy to want to play every game in March Madness betting. That is not wise. You still have to remain in control even during March Madness betting. To succeed at March Madness betting requires a level head and independent thought.

If you want to win money at March Madness betting then take a look at some of the history with the seeds in the first round and continue with looking at that history as the tourney progresses. Remember that March Madness betting is intoxicating, exciting, and the best time of the year for many gamblers.

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