Factors in March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting appeals to people from all over the world for many reasons and one of those reasons is the Cinderella factor.

Part of the thrill of March Madness betting is the fact that a Cinderella team nearly always emerges and a giant nearly always stumbles. This factor is important to remember as you look at the March Madness bracket this season.

March Madness betting for many gamblers is all about finding that Cinderella team.  The problem with looking for the underdog team that may surprise is that it rarely happens like you think it will. The best example of this is Gonzaga, who became everyone’s darling a few years ago with a nice unexpected tournament run out of nowhere. At that time, nobody had heard of Gonzaga nor knew a thing about them. To this day they are the darlings of many ignorant bettors and casual fans, yet the “sharps” know all about the Bulldogs and the “secret” is out in March Madness betting. The March Madness betting oddsmakers have adjusted for Gonzaga and they are nothing close to a value anymore, in fact, they are often overpriced and offer no true value at all to the sharp basketball bettor.

A key to March Madness betting is to try and locate the Cinderella team before everyone else does.  And that is not an easy task in March Madness betting.  That’s the skill that really separates the true experts and winners from the public in March Madness betting. Things to look for when trying to locate a sleeper team in the March Madness bracket are its coach, its history, and its recent play. An excellent coach can often produce a championship run without the greatest talent. If a coach has a solid history of success but maybe didn’t have the greatest regular season, they are still worth a look in March Madness betting if they are playing good and with momentum at the right time before the March Madness bracket. Conversely, you do not want to take a team that may have gotten hot, or lucky, and have a coach who has no track record of reliability in the March Madness bracket.

It is important during March Madness betting to keep an open mind and not fall in love with any team. You must keep a level head and do a thorough examination and, in fact, look for reasons to go against your first reaction. It is important to examine all sides of a team in March Madness betting.  That is how you find the surprise team before everyone else does.

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