Extra points in Final Four betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four betting is definitely more profitable if you get the best line on your games.

Will an extra half point or full points really make that much of a difference when you are betting Final Four games?

Final Four betting odds can vary on the games by as much as a point or more depending upon when you make your wager. The Final Four betting odds on a total might vary even more than you would see on a side. There are going to be times when getting the best Final Four betting lines matter and times when it does not. Let’s look at a couple of examples of where it might help you when betting Final Four games.

Let’s say you are betting North Carolina in their game against Kansas and the consensus line is -3. Some places though have the line at -2.5 while others have Final Four betting odds of North Carolina -3.5. If the Tar Heels won the game by exactly three points you could end up with a win, a loss or a push depending upon what Final Four betting odds you received. Let’s say in that same game that the total was 154 in Final Four betting odds. The odds opened at 152 though so there is a two point difference. If the game landed on 154 then if you had bet the total over early in the week you would have won your wager. That is just an example of where getting the best Final Four betting odds can be very important.

Sometimes you may not have the choice of where to wager when betting Final Four games. You might only have one sportsbook when betting Final Four games. You can still get the best Final Four betting lines though many times. If you like the favorite bet the game early and if you like the underdog wait until just before game time in Final Four betting. Usually in Final Four betting the public will drive up the price on the favorite so keep that in mind.

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