Experience Wins in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting will have 64 teams on the board for you to consider as you make your wagers.

Some of these teams will have been in the NCAA Tournament before while others will be newcomers.  If you want to have more success against the March Madness odds you may want to avoid the teams that have never been there before.

March Madness betting usually sees the experienced teams win.  Recently it has been all about experience in March Madness betting.  Florida won in 2006 and in 2007, Kansas won in 2008 and it was North Carolina last year.  All of those teams had experience.  Many times you will see a team that lost the previous year come through the next year because of experience.  Kansas was a team that did it is 2008 as they lost the previous season and it was the same for North Carolina last year.

It is not impossible for young teams to win it all in March Madness betting but it is not easy.  This year is going to be a real test of this theory since Kentucky is a very young team.  They are talented though and sometimes talent can make up for experience but usually it does take having been there before.  Many people believe that Kentucky and Kansas will meet in the championship and that would be a true contrast of experience.

If you are looking at the first round in March Madness betting then you are probably considering upsets.  You want to go with those teams that are not in their first NCAA Tournament.  You want to take teams with experience that are getting points in March Madness odds.  And yes, you will find those teams.  There will be teams like Vermont, Bucknell, Valparaiso and others who are in the NCAA Tournament again. They could be worth taking in March Madness betting.  Teams that have been there before are not going to be intimidated and are very good wagers as underdogs in the NCAA Tournament.

As you look at the brackets don’t get too cute.  You can pick some upsets but more often than not teams that win are the ones that have been there before.

Kansas is a team that has been there before in March and they are going to be the favorite in this year’s NCAA Tournament.  That does not mean the Jayhawks will win it all but is sure does help their chances.

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