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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets can be thought of as more than just the NCAA Tournament.

Post-season college basketball conference tournaments can be a very exciting time and provide a lot more March Madness betting action.

March Madness brackets for college basketball tournaments are something to behold.  Nearly every college basketball conference has a post-season tournament and that brings a bonanza of games to the gambler.  In some respects the conferences tournaments are similar to the NCAA Tournament since there are so many games and it is win or go home.  There are many factors to look at when it comes to March Madness brackets.  There are the factors of letdowns, revenge, and regional home court advantage to consider in March Madness betting.  Many gamblers struggle with March Madness brackets, but if you do your homework and pay attention, the tourneys can be very profitable.

As a gambler you want to consider the factors we listed when looking at March Madness brackets.  The March Madness betting line for tournaments is made similar to what a regular season line would be but you want to be aware that tournaments are different because for some teams this is there only chance to make the NCAA Tournament.  In these smaller conference tournaments you want to be aware that every team will be playing like it is their last game.  Conversely, in bigger conferences some teams will already have their NCAA Tourney bid locked up and won’t necessarily need to play as hard, while a team down in the standings might need a good run to get in.

Very often when looking at March Madness brackets we will see teams matching up for the third time in a season during the conference tournament.  It is often very difficult to beat a team three times during the season and this is a handicapping factor to be aware of when looking at March Madness brackets.

We know that motivation is important when looking at March Madness brackets and we also know that teams sometimes struggle when facing an opponent they beat already during the regular season.  One final thing to look for when considering March Madness brackets is a team that gets on a run.  Very often a team will just look destined to win the tourney even though they may not be the favorite.  Everything comes together and they start clicking.  Following these teams is often a very good idea in March Madness betting.

March Madness brackets in conference tournaments are exciting and fun to wager on.  Hopefully you will have success when you wager on March Madness brackets this year.

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