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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Elite 8 betting odds have seen the best teams advance to the Final Four more often than not.

In Elite 8 betting odds history the big underdogs almost always lose straight up. Only about 15% of the time do the big underdogs win straight up in Elite 8 betting odds. What other numbers are important when we consider Elite 8 betting odds?

Elite 8 betting odds over the past decade or so have seen the power teams and the power conferences do very well. 90% of the teams that make it to the Final Four from the Elite Eight come from the power conferences. These conferences are the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac-10 and SEC. If you take into consideration that two of the teams from other conferences, Marquette and Louisville are now part of the big conferences; the percentage goes up to 95%. That means when you look at Elite 8 betting odds you better have a very good reason to go against the power teams. As you look at Elite 8 betting odds you need to remember that every single year at least one #1 seed makes it to the Final Four and usually two. A number one seed will end up winning the championship about 40% of the time and the instances where they don’t, the winner will be a #2 or #3 seed about 40% of the time in March Madness odds. That means rarely does a high seed win the tourney although they can cover the pointspread in March Madness odds.

Handicapping Elite 8 betting odds really does begin by looking at the top seeds. They may not always cover the pointspread but it is so difficult to go against them in this round of March Madness odds. Underdogs actually do okay in Elite 8 betting odds but rarely do handicappers like picking dogs that they don’t think can win the game outright in March Madness odds. That is definitely what happens though in Elite 8 betting odds.

Keep some of these things in mind as you look at Elite 8 betting odds this season and remember that you still have Final Four betting to look forward to the following week.

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