Elite Eight Betting Line Excitement at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Elite Eight betting line excitement takes place just after Sweet Sixteen action.

The games are played on Saturday and Sunday as the field is narrowed down to the Final Four. Handicapping the Elite Eight betting line is done by considering some simple factors that help us pick winners.

Elite Eight betting line odds are wagered on by people that oftentimes don’t bet much college hoops. Everyone loves March Madness odds and they really love to bet the tourney. The games are all on television and people enjoy the excitement of wagering against March Madness odds. What happens when people look at the Elite Eight betting line is that they love to bet favorites and they love to bet the remaining Cinderella team. Neither of these strategies has worked well though when it comes to the Elite Eight betting line. What has worked is betting underdogs, but small underdogs. The big favorites win but the medium and small favorites do not. And the Cinderella team usually gets blown out if they are still alive in this round of March Madness odds.

As you look at the Elite Eight betting line remember that at least one #1 seed and very possibly two #1 seeds are going to advance to the Final Four. Never has a Final Four been without at least one #1 seed but never have all four #1 seeds made it. Usually it is just one or two. That means you want to look at the power teams but only if they are laying big points in Elite Eight betting line odds. This seems contradictory but history has shown the big favorites win in blowouts in Elite Eight betting line odds while favorites of less than 7 points don’t do very well.

Elite Eight betting line odds are available once the Sweet Sixteen is over. They may not be as popular as Final Four March Madness odds but they have significant trends that can make you money. They are also played on the weekend which means they get a lot of action in terms of Elite Eight betting line odds.Enjoy the great Elite Eight betting line odds this season and keep some of these facts in mind as you look to pick winners.

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