College Basketball Betting is Different at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

You would think that college basketball betting and pro hoops betting would be similar in the way you look at statistics, trends, etc, but they really are not

College basketball betting is different than NBA betting. The two sports have different fundamentals, coaching, and scheduling. College basketball betting involves a lot more games per day an NBA betting.  Another thing to remember is that the NBA schedule is an 82 game grind with games sometimes on back to back nights for many teams. The college basketball schedule is much different. There are far more teams, but each team will play far fewer games. This is a real difference that many people don’t understand or recognize when looking at college basketball betting. Basketball scheduling has to be taken into consideration when handicapping each of these sports. The NBA plays so many games that travel and fatigue become huge factors that must be taken into account when you handicap the games. The college basketball betting schedule is much different. Usually a team will only play two games a week as you look at the NCAA basketball betting schedule. They will play once during the week and then usually on Saturday when college basketball betting is intense. The schedule is usually similar for each team and the travel and fatigue factor really doesn’t apply in college basketball betting.

The length of the season and the way the basketball schedule is laid out is critical to you as a college basketball betting handicapper. When you look at NBA teams playing 82 games and college teams playing only 30 games or so, you can see how scheduling must be considered as you get involved in college basketball betting. College basketball is also much more of a coach’s game and the scheduling factor is part of it in NCAA basketball betting. College coaches can get their teams ready to play far easier because every game is critical in the college ranks. As you look at the basketball schedules this season be aware that scheduling can be a huge factor in your NCAA basketball betting.  You will see revenge spots, letdowns, sandwich games, etc. in college basketball betting.  As you look at the schedule mark these spots down for future college basketball betting plays.

Always remember that college basketball betting and NBA betting are different.  If you keep the two sports separate you will have a much better chance of winning money this season and NCAA basketball betting and NBA betting.

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