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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds will give you a lot of conferences to consider.

Since all of the major conferences are represented along with some that you may have never heard of. Which conferences do well in March Madness odds and which ones struggle? How important is the conference when you wager versus March Madness betting odds?

March Madness odds will show that most conferences only get one bid. It is just the big boys that get multiple bids. You have the ACC, Big East, Big 12, Pac 10 and SEC that always get more than one bid. Conferences like the Horizon League and the Southern Conference and a multitude of others only get one bid and that is important to note in March Madness betting odds. Other conferences like the WAC, Mountain West and West Coast Conference fight for multiple bids and usually at least one of them succeeds.

The Missouri Valley Conference is an interesting one to follow in March Madness odds. They have had three teams make it to the Sweet 16 the past two years and impact March Madness betting odds. It was Southern Illinois surprising people in March Madness odds last season while Bradley and Northern Iowa have made it in recent years and surprised in March Madness odds. The Missouri Valley may only get one bid in 2008 as Drake looks like the only worthy squad. The MAC rarely gets any respect in March Madness odds and hasn’t had multiple bids since 1999. Conference USA is in a similar situation but they have Memphis so people basically ignore the rest of the conference in terms of March Madness odds.

How important is a winning streak when you are looking at March Madness odds. To win the NCAA Championship a team must win six straight games and that means they must have already shown the ability to win multiple games in a row during the season. And that streak had to be in the last few months. The last 7 years the Final Four teams have had winning streaks of at least four or more games in the past few months. The year 2000 was the last time Final Four teams that didn’t have a long winning streak made it to the Final Four and both then lost in March Madness odds.

Take a look at conferences as you are handicapping March Madness odds this season. Don’t automatically ignore what conference a team played for as you are picking games versus the March Madness betting odds this season.

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