Conference Tournaments Start March Madness Betting

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting actually begins before the NCAA Tournament as conference tournaments get underway.

These stretch for a few weeks and have even more games on the board than the main March Madness odds.

March Madness betting lines are great for these conference tournaments.  They are all mini tournaments with an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament on the line.  What is different about conference tournaments is that some of the teams will have already be in the NCAA Tournament while others will not.  Teams like Kentucky and Kansas will not need to win their conference tourneys while others like Auburn and St. John’s would have to win to get in. Handicapping these conference tourneys can be a bit of a challenge since you don’t always know how motivated the big teams are.

There are some really great matchups on the board in March Madness betting in these conference tourneys.  You have games between teams like Connecticut and Syracuse that turn into classics.  You have rivalry games where two teams are meeting for the third time in a season. There is a lot to consider in March Madness odds with these tournaments.

One of the biggest keys when you look at these tournaments in March Madness betting is teams that can win on the road.  Everyone in the conference tournament except for one team is going to be on the road. Sometimes the tourney is held at a neutral site so every team is on the road. You want a team that can win on the road as you make your March Madness betting wagers.  Teams that can adjust well to playing on the road are a great bet in March Madness odds.

It is also important to remember that these conference tourneys are tests of endurance. Teams play day after day without any rest so that is important to remember as you bet these games.  A team that has depth is definitely worth a serious look in March Madness betting.

Most of the upsets that happen in the conference tournament happen early. As mentioned earlier, the deeper teams are likely to win as the tournament progresses. If you are looking for a sleeper team in March Madness odds then bet them early in the conference tourney.

The college basketball conference tournaments are a great time to bet the games. They are almost as good as the NCAA Tournament so don’t forget about them this March Madness betting season.

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