College Basketball Lines: Virginia Tech vs. Duke Blue Devils

March 7, 2012 NCAA Basketball

The Virginia Tech Hokies against Duke is definitely going to be exciting. The two teams have had past successes and losses, but their overall strength in players have grown pretty well. What most people just aren’t sure about is finding out who has the better chance. When it comes down to the odds of each team, the Duke Blue Devils have a better chance at winning. The reason to that is simply because they’ve won their last five games. They recently just beat the N.C. State, North Carolina, Maryland, Boston, and Florida State. So, they have quite a few wins to rely on, making them a team who can be on quite a roll for their game against Virginia Duke. If you’re planning to bet on the game, then the odds of the Duke Blue Devils winning are much higher than the Hokies. Start your College Basketball Betting action on Virginia Tech vs. Duke Blue Devils.

If you take a quick look at the past games of the Hokies, you’ll come to see that the Virginia Tech lost against the Virginia Cavaliers. They may have lost by only 2 points, but the Blue Devils have literally trashed their opponents in their last five games, so the chances of the Hokies winning are pretty low. Don’t forget that their last meeting on February 2, 2012 had the Blue Devils winning by 15 points, so they are definitely going into this next game with more confidence than the Hokies. Their confidence definitely separates them a lot. Check the College Basketball Odds for Virginia Tech vs. Duke Blue Devils game.

The Blue Devils have star players they can depend on for extremely big wins. They have tons of players who know how to rise above the rest and play professionally. With their past five wins, there’s no doubt that they’ll have more success in their future games. The 02/25 – Virginia Tech at Duke is definitely going to be a fun and challenging game for both teams.

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