College Basketball Lines & the Coaching Factor at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

When it comes to picking college basketball lines winners we sometimes ignore a very important part of the equation, the coaches.

College basketball lines give gamblers a lot of chances to make money. Many of the successful coaches in college basketball are good to follow when you look at the college basketball lines. College basketball lines are different than NBA lines and the coaching factor is different. Many successful college coaches have tried their hand at the NBA only to find out that the things that worked in college don’t work in the NBA. We need to realize that when we look at the college basketball lines and when we try to pick winners. College coaches that move to the NBA just don’t win according to college basketball lines experts. The win percentage of coaches in that situation is below 35 percent according to college basketball betting lines stats. That is definitely not a good number and something to remember when handicapping college basketball betting lines.

The problem for college coaches entering the NBA is that their style doesn’t work anymore. We as gamblers looking at college basketball lines have to realize this fact. The NBA players are usually making more money than the coach and don’t have to listen. College players must listen to the coach or they find themselves on the bench, not in the NBA though. That is a major different between the NBA and college basketball.

As you look at college basketball lines and examine the statistics, the matchups and the trends, don’t forget the coaches.  If you take into account the coaching when handicapping college basketball betting lines you can improve your winning percentage.  Any advantage we can get when wagering on college basketball lines is important.

College and pro basketball are different games for coaches and for bettors looking at the college basketball betting lines. They seem a lot alike but they are not and college basketball lines are different. It takes a different type of coach to succeed in the NBA and a different type of gambler to win in each sport. Coaching and betting may not be as far apart as we once thought and that is something to remember as you handicap college basketball lines.

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