College Basketball Lines Essentials at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball lines essentials begin with understanding your options. You also want to get the best college basketball lines for your wagers.

Let’s look at the essentials in terms of college basketball betting lines. College basketball lines for most people involve betting sides. The ultimate definition of value when you bet college basketball lines is that you will get better odds than you should. You will lay less on favorites than merited and get more on dogs than you should. That is what value is when you bet college basketball betting lines. A good way to bet college basketball lines is to consider not only sides, but totals, money lines and propositions. This gives you more alternatives and a better way to find value in college basketball lines. Take parlays for example. Why just bet on sides when you can include totals into the equation. By adding more games to choose from, you get more side and total options and therefore a larger selection of quality, which will enhance the overall value of your parlay in college basketball lines betting.  This gives you a far better shot than a guy that limits himself to just sides when he decides to bet college basketball lines.

More than anything else, however, when you bet college basketball lines you must have discipline and money management skills. The biggest reason that the overwhelming majority of those that bet college basketball lines is that they do not manage their money and spread themselves to thin, betting game to game without a real bankroll management plan.

Another key element to remember when you bet college basketball betting lines is that you don’t need to know nearly as much about the sport that you are betting on as you do how to bet on it. Gambling knowledge is far more important than expertise on the actual sport itself and that includes college basketball.

When you bet college basketball lines try and think like an oddsmaker rather than a gambler. This will help you to better evaluate and find value rather than make poor decisions against the college basketball lines. Always remember that when you bet college basketball lines that the sportsbooks are not open and in business because the gambling public is usually right, but rather instead, because they are wrong and thinking too much alike.

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