College Basketball Gambling: How Good is Stephen Curry at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball gambling is a mysterious game.

There are top players at the best programs in college basketball betting programs who flop in the pros and then there are players from tiny programs that go on to excel once their college basketball gambling careers are over. Stephen Curry is one such superstar from a tiny school (Davidson) who many college basketball gambling fans are curious to find out it he’s got what it takes to play at the next level.

College basketball gambling coaches at the top programs overlooked Curry out of high school and instead of playing for a Duke, UNC or UCLA his best option was playing for the tiny private school in North Carolina with almost no college basketball gambling claim to fame whatsoever. But in his three years at the school Curry has changed all that and almost single handedly re-written the school’s college basketball gambling history.

The junior guard is a scoring machine as his college basketball gambling opponents know all too well. To look at Curry, you would never guess that he’s a lethal weapon, one of the best in college basketball gambling. He stands barely over six feet tall and is as skinny as a rail. He looks more like an equipment manager than a college basketball gambling preseason All-American. But perhaps that’s part of his effectiveness; defenders can’t help to underestimate him based on his appearance and that’s likely helped contribute to his college basketball betting success.

But no one underestimates Curry any more. Not after averaging a million points a game in his first two college basketball gambling seasons. But what really put Curry on the map are his lights out performances in the college basketball betting NCAA tournaments. He has been outstanding and the best player in the college basketball gambling tournament in the few games he’s played in.

This year his work will be cut out for him as the entire world will be watching him and he’ll have to improve his passing. He will still score crazy numbers but he’ll have to involve his teammates more if the Wildcats are to enjoy college basketball gambling success as a team.

It’s also difficult to judge just how good Curry is relative to the rest of the college basketball gambling field, seeing how he plays in such a weak league. Would Curry be as dominant if he had to play against ACC defenders week in and week out during the college basketball betting season? No one knows for sure, but the answer would seem to be yes. Even when guarded against superior athletes he simply finds a way to put the ball in the basket and that’s a pretty important element in college basketball gambling.

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