Unknown Teams in College Basketball Betting at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting can oftentimes be more profitable if you are betting teams that are off the radar a little bit

An informed bettor that wants to concentrate on a conference like the Missouri Valley or Southern Conference is almost always going to get more information than the oddsmaker. More information doesn’t guarantee victory, but it sure helps in NCAA basketball betting. College basketball betting actually has different betting limits.  You may have noticed that the added games have lower limits in NCAA basketball betting. The sportsbooks take lower limits on added games in NCAA basketball betting for two reasons.  First, the games don’t get much attention from the college basketball betting public so wise guy action is about all they get.  Second, the college basketball betting oddsmakers don’t keep track of the added teams as much as the regular teams and they don’t want to get pounded with money.  These two things should tell you that the added games are something that can be wagered on with some success in college basketball betting. Some sportsbooks have said that their numbers on added games are definitely weaker than the other games in college basketball betting. Because the numbers tend to be weaker for these games we see more line movement in college basketball betting.  The sportsbooks are aware of which teams the professionals are betting on and they must change their NCAA basketball betting lines accordingly.

The other big factor when it comes to betting these unknown teams in college basketball betting is the time of year.  By the time March Madness rolls around the sportsbooks have a much better handle on the unknown teams and the value is much less in college basketball betting.  If you are looking at betting unknown teams in college basketball betting then doing so early in the season is definitely a good idea.  This really applies in the non-conference part of the schedule but it is also relevant early in the conference portion of the schedule.  Once the conference tournaments arrive it is oftentimes too late to get much value on unknown teams. Consider taking some of the unknown teams this season in college basketball betting.  They often provide you excellent value and go unnoticed by most gamblers around the world.

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