Tracking Your Plays in College Basketball Betting at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting record keeping is always a good idea

Just as a college football or basketball coach will want to review the tape of a game to get a full and true picture of what his team is doing right and wrong, the college basketball betting gambler should also constantly review what he is doing and why. The “game film” for a gambler in college basketball betting would be a log or journal that lists each game bet and some of the main points and circumstances regarding the wagers.

College basketball betting record keeping begins with noting some important things.  One of the most important things to include is the reason why you bet that game the way that you did. There could be a multitude of reasons why a gambler wagers on a game in NCAA basketball betting. It could be you have a good feel for the game; there are strong trends in your favor, revenge, home court edge, hot or cold teams, etc.  It is important to note the reason for your play in college basketball betting record keeping. The importance of stating an honest reason as to why you bet a game is that as the college basketball betting season goes on, you can start analyzing your losses and then eliminate that rationale altogether. By the same token when you study your college basketball betting log you can also pick up on what you are doing right.

As the college basketball betting season moves along, you should see your percentages increase and you will develop a more consistent gambling performance as you will accentuate your strengths and minimize your mistakes by studying your record during the season. Succeeding at college basketball betting takes a lot of preparation and study and a gambler is far better off studying his betting rationale and the results of it rather than getting overwhelmed looking at every team in NCAA basketball betting.

In college basketball betting a gambler should be just like a team and be peaking as the season reaches its climax and keeping a journal of one’s NCAA basketball betting activity is an excellent guide to produce such a result.  Many gamblers can go into their online sportsbook and get records of past wagers.  You may want to print those out on a monthly basis in college basketball betting and then note the reasons for your plays.  Record keeping has never been easier in NCAA basketball betting than it is today.

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