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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting has gone through a strange transition over past few years.

Through several rule changes instituted at the NBA level, the star players in college basketball gambling are now predominantly freshman. This year, the class of talented freshman is perhaps the best in college basketball betting and will produce some future NBA all stars.

College basketball betting fans last year watched as Michael Beasley exploded onto the scene and led the lowly Kansas State team to the second round of the college basketball gambling tournament. Who can forget Derek Rose leading Memphis to the college basketball betting finals? And O.J. Mayo?  He transformed the struggling college basketball betting program at USC.

It’s hard to know for sure which player will be the Beasley or Rose of this year’s college basketball betting freshman class but there are several players that look ready to transform the entire college basketball gambling landscape in their first year. DeMar DeRozan will have some huge shoes to fill when he takes the court for the USC Trojans this college basketball betting season. And by most accounts he’ll fill them. DeRozan is a ridiculously talented shooting guard and an amazing athlete, who should be all but un-guardable with his height and quickness. Pac 10 guards should get lit up when they meet the Trojans in college basketball betting competition.

Greg Monroe, the power forward at Georgetown, may not make an immediate impact, but he’s perfect for the Hoyas’ college basketball betting system. He could be a huge star, but his impact may depend much on G-town’s overall success and it will be up to him to create his own college basketball betting fortunes.

And who could forget BJ Mullens the seven foot phenom at Ohio State University, the de facto center factory of college basketball betting. Bigger, faster, quicker and more athletic than Greg Oden, everyone has already crowned this kid the best in college basketball betting and the first pick in the 2009 draft. It’s harder to predict how centers will play when they make the jump to college basketball betting, but this kid is a star if there ever was one. In fact, he could be the biggest difference maker in college basketball gambling this season. His supporting cast is a bit thin, but he is the type of talent that can control a college basketball betting competition by himself.

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