College Basketball Betting Surprises at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Even the very best gamblers in college basketball betting, those that consistently either hold their own or even beat the NCAA basketball betting odds can be surprised

College basketball betting can give gamblers a lot of surprises during the season.  There are some things in college basketball betting that nobody, not even the professionals, can see coming. College basketball betting will always have surprise teams.  There will always be things that cause the NCAA basketball betting gamblers to shake their heads and say things like “I didn’t see that one coming,” or, “Where did they come from,” etc. It happens all the time in college basketball betting and not just to the average gambler but to the oddsmakers and professionals as well.

College basketball betting always has teams that come from nowhere to surprise gamblers.  It also has teams that horribly disappoint gamblers.  It is sometimes those overrated teams that cause NCAA basketball betting gamblers to lose the most money.  The public, professionals, and the college basketball betting oddsmakers are very slow to adjust to a high profile team that is struggling.  For example, let’s say that North Carolina was a preseason Top 10 team but is just getting by as they win games.  The public and the oddsmakers will be slow to adjust their college basketball betting opinions because North Carolina is still winning.  If you were betting on the Tar Heels though you may be losing money every week since North Carolina is usually favored.  This is just one college basketball betting example where it takes people a long time to adjust their opinions.

The best way for a gambler to make a correction from a preseason forecast that obviously was wrong is to keep his eyes and mind open at all times in NCAA basketball betting. You can’t get locked into anything in college basketball betting if you want to spot surprise teams and disappointing teams.  If you can’t change your opinions about certain teams then they will oftentimes disappoint you or surprise you.  You might have a low opinion of a particular team or conference, yet that opinion is not accurate as the season progresses.  Keep an open mind and continually monitor your plays as you get involved in college basketball betting this season.

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