Selecting Games in College Basketball Betting at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting involves looking at more games than in any other sport

A common error made by many gamblers in college basketball betting is that they try and analyze too many games. The thing to remember n college basketball betting is that less is sometimes more. College basketball betting should begin by narrowing the games on the board down to a manageable level.  By doing this you eliminate having to work on a lot of extra games.  This makes it possible to find the best plays against the NCAA basketball betting line. Some of the very best gamblers in college basketball betting will focus on a conference or two, simply ignoring everything else. Other college basketball betting gamblers will focus on a list of teams that they either considered as potential “go with” or “go against” teams before the season. There are still other NCAA basketball betting gamblers that will focus on power teams, or nationally known teams and bet each game either for or against them based on the findings of their NCAA basketball betting research. One of the advantages to this is that in college basketball betting, the traditional powers will have the most publicity and information available to a gambler who can then go contrarian if he likes, based on how the mainstream public is reacting to the news.  Going against the public works well in all sports and it works even better if the games happen to be on TV.

There are nearly 300 teams on the college basketball betting board and no gambler can do a good job keeping track of all of them.  Pick out a conference that you like or pick out a region of the country that you have good information on.  College basketball betting provides great opportunities but it is so easy to get overwhelmed.  You must select games that fit whatever criteria you come up with before the college basketball betting season begins.  Looking at 100 games on a Saturday is a daunting task for anyone.  Find the teams and the conferences that suit your style in college basketball betting and stick with them.  Become an expert on a certain conference and only bet those games.  That will narrow your games down and give you a better chance to win in NCAA basketball betting.

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