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College Basketball Betting: Second Most Popular in Sports Betting

It’s no surprise that the Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of each calendar year.  What is very surprising is the second most popular annual event.  College basketball’s March Madness is a draw unrivaled by only Super Sunday.  In particular the first weekend generates billions of dollars in wagering activity.  Those first two rounds make sportsbooks very happy.  Not to mention the NCAA.  In fact, March Madness pays all of the NCAA’s operating expenses.  With hundreds of millions to spare!

More than March Madness

But there is much more to College Basketball betting than simply March Madness.  It begins with a regular season that is action packed.  There are many attractive preseason tournaments in November.  These events will often feature the marquee teams of the sport.  Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky are constantly featured.  As are new powers such as defending national champion Villanova.  Gamblers love this early action.  More nights than not in the typical week there are dozens of lined games.  Saturday’s are particularly insane.  Multiple games are on the board from morning to well past midnight.

High Volume

“Sharps” thrive in College Basketball betting in large part due to volume.  With 345 division one teams in college basketball its impossible to keep up.  This makes for some weak lines.  Even odds makers who make their living at setting the board can’t always be right.  There are too many teams and games to go with the daily grind.  This is where the savvy gambler can make bank.

So Many Odds to Choose From

Of course, the general gambling public loves the name brand teams.  Its far easier than trying to find a hidden gem out of the 300+ other teams.  And the line makers know this.  Which is why its hard to get a fair price on the blue bloods of the sport.  Where the pros make their money is on the second tier.  Or “mid-major” programs.  Teams that the masses know little or nothing about.  Loyola of Chicago is such a program.  The Ramblers were the Cinderella team of the 2018 NCAA Tournament.

College Basketball Betting Thrill

Loyola of Chicago is a great lesson for aspiring gamblers.  College basketball sharks knew about the Ramblers early on.  That’s what they do.  By the time the public caught on it was too late.  The Wise Guys took their profits just as Main Street found out.  And the public was left holding the bag.  This is part of the thrill of college basketball at online sportsbooks.  And where one can make a lot more money than on betting the NFL or EPL.

The Perfect Spot for College Hoops Junkies

In fact, these college hoops junkies make a living at this sport.  Where others are bombarding the NBA board for overlays the smart set bets the college game.  that is because of the sheer volume and numbers.  College Basketball betting offers far more opportunities for gambling success. The masses blow money on the Cavaliers and Warriors NBA home games.  That’s their way of wagering hoops.  But the wise guys are pouring over mid major and lesser known division one teams.  And they are finding weaker lines with better value.  Not to mention larger profits.

Land of Opportunity

No other sport can offer more opportune lines and wagers than college basketball.  Add in money lines and halves and you are set.  NCAA basketball wagering is truly the land of opportunity.  The season runs November through April.  Now is the time to get ready to get in the game!

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