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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting involves more games on the schedule than any other sport. College basketball betting has nearly 300 teams on the board

That number is staggering but it is great news for you as a gambler that looks at NCAA basketball betting. College basketball betting can get overwhelming with so many games on the board but that can be good news and here is why.  The oddsmaker also gets overwhelmed.  One of the bigger problems for college basketball betting handicappers is that they bite off more than they can chew and attempt to analyze all of the games and teams. That is really beyond what anyone can reasonably do, especially on big days like Wednesday and Saturday where there might be 100 games on the NCAA basketball betting board. Even experienced veterans of college basketball betting often forget about the real struggle of analyzing too many games. What a college basketball betting player needs to do is draw up some solid methods that will enable him to keep his mind clear and his time free and narrow the games down. 

A college basketball betting player gambler should sit down before the season even begins and look at the basketball schedule and draw up specific criteria for the season. The criteria should automatically eliminate a lot of the games on the board. That can be done by concentrating on certain conferences, certain teams, or certain methods. There are many ways in which an NCAA basketball betting player can pick a group of teams to focus on, and it really doesn’t matter, as long as once he picks that group of teams he will stick with them and stay the course.  Remember that the college basketball betting oddsmaker can’t do that.  He has to make a line on every game.

In this age of college basketball betting in which literally thousands of games are available on television each season, you could probably see a great number of your games in action. It is always better to watch your teams to get a better handle on your future college basketball betting plays. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to watch your bets in action either.

The biggest key in looking at the college basketball betting board is not to go overboard and to narrow your focus down to areas in which you can keep up to date without getting overwhelmed. The multitude of games on the board helps you, but only if you keep your focus on areas where you have the advantage in NCAA basketball betting.

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